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Bodycontouring by ONDA Coolwaves

Innovative body contouring and body forming – Onda Coolwaves – effective for cellulite, flabby skin and local fat.

High-tech microwaves for more tightness? Yes. High frequency waves are absorbed more by the fatty layer than the skin layer. This means, that the skin allows the microwaves to travel through it and penetrate the lower layers. This allows more energy to be transferred under the skin to target fatty tissues. The microwaves are stopped in the fatty layer and do not penetrate the deeper muscular layer. The fatty tissue cells begin to discharge their fat and they decrease in volume. The discharged fat is carried away through the lymphatic system. After approx. 4 weeks the overall result is visible. The microwave treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Bodycontouring by ONDA Coolwaves.

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