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Microneedling can make your skin appear visibly tighter and firmer and fine lines are filled from within. Microneedling involves a conscious micro-injuring process of the skin with very fine needles of different lengths. The healing of these micro-injuries stimulates intensive collagen and elastin-forming fibroblast activity and the hyaluronic acid content of the skin increases considerably, leaving the skin better moisturised.

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What does microneedling do?

Just one treatment leaves the skin visibly firmer and smoother and leaves the complexion radiant. Dermal structures are renewed and densified, and the treatment also optimises the water retention capacity of the dermis.

When is microneedling recommended?

For the treatment of scars and acne scars, to refine the skin’s appearance and to reduce pore size. Fine wrinkles are reduced and a general tightening of the skin results.

Is microneedling painful and will the skin be anaethetised beforehand?

State-of-the-art microneedling devices are designed to ensure ev en, painless treatment. Nevertheless, we apply an anaesthetic cream 20 minutes in advance in order to ensure you are as relaxed as possible.

What should you consider before the treatment?

The procedure is not suitable for skin blemishes, acne or herpes infections.

What does one look like after the treatment and what must one be careful of?

In the beginning the skin is slightly red and a fine flaking layer forms in the first few days. Micro-inflammations and small scabs can sometimes form. As a final step we apply an anti-inflammatory, oil-rich moisturising cream and recommend that you continue to apply this for one or two days at home. After the treatment there is an increased sensitivity to UV and a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is essential.

How often should the treatment be carried out?

For optimal results, we recommend a total of four to six treatments at intervals of every two to four weeks.

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