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Rosacea Treatment

Our treatments for redness will leave you in the pink.

One of the causes of rosacea is the misregulation of the veins. As a reaction to heat, alcoholic beverages or spicy food, the small blood vessels in the face become dilated, but do not contract. After some time, the skin remains permanently red. Regular medical cleansing and masks which increase the vascular tone alleviate additional inflammation and regulate redness.

A special feature of our rosacea treatment is an oxygen mask which, after an initial visible vasodilatation, promotes the contraction of the vessels.

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How does rosacea treatment work?

After mild cleansing, an oxygen mask is applied. In order to accelerate the removal of waste products from the skin, the cosmetician applies manual lymph drainage together with the exposure. She then cleanses the skin and carefully removes impurities. The treatment ends with a skin-soothing moisturising mask and a moisturising skincare cream with sun protection factor.

What does the skin look like after treatment?

The skin appears slightly red, but this disappears after a few hours.

How often should the treatment be carried out?

Depending on the degree of rosacea activity, we recommend repeating the treatment every two to three weeks.

When should I not be treated?

Treatment should be avoided in cases of active herpes infections, due to the risk of the development of new infections.

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