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Scar Treatments

Every scar tells a story. Decide which one you want to tell.

Although scars often tell stories, many of us want a more flawless skin and are unhappy with cosmetically unattractive or hard, painful scars. In our practice, in addition to surgical scar correction, we offer a wide range of scar treatment procedures. In order to flatten scars and make them softer, we can administer intracutaneous steroid injections. In most cases, the success of the treatment is immediately visible.

It is also possible to remove raised (hypertrophic) scars with an Erbium laser. We inject sunken scars with hyaluronic acid fillers and enhance skin relief with skin boosters. At Pro Skin Solutions, we offer microneedling – through the wound healing processes in the areas of the micro injuries, collagen synthesis is stimulated and small scars are filled from the inside. In addition, the remodeling of collagen fibres during wound healing makes the scar softer.

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When is the use of scar creams appropriate?

A scar cream should be used as soon as the wound has closed. In the case of older scars, treatment with a cream usually does not help.

Does the filler treatment of scars need to be repeated?

Fillers degrade after about nine months, so treatment should be repeated. The injection itself also stimulates the body’s own collagen fibre production, so that the treatment intervals can be extended from time to time.

Is there a risk of recurrence of raised scars?

Since raised scars (keloids) are the result of a genetic predisposition, there is a risk of recurrence after the scars are removed. However, this risk can be reduced by suturing, cortisone injections and pressure dressings.

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