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Online appointments

Dermatological private practice
in Harvestehude

Dermatologist, laser medicine and aesthetic treatment for
a healthy and firm skin in Hamburg

Dr. Anna Brandenburg and
Dr. Annika Optiz are at your side:
from conservative and surgical dermatology to skin cancer screening
and allergology issues.

Dr. Anna Brandenburg's private dermatological practice is one of the most beautiful addresses for dermatological treatments: Here in the Harvestehude district you will find classic dermatological treatments, specialized skin surgery, innovative laser medicine and aesthetic medicine from wrinkle treatments, anti-aging, hyaluronic fillers, skin boosters and lipo treatments. In addition, extensive cosmetic treatments are offered, which enable skin problems to be treated effectively and gently. The private practice, centrally located in Hamburg, uses innovative technology, a stylish ambience and selected feel-good details to ensure that every patient can fully enjoy their appointment.dermatology.

Dr. Anna Brandenburg and Dr. Annika Opitz support skin health, skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. We look forward to your visit and are there for you with time and expertise. We promise.

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Firm and radiant skin through microneedling

Microneedling is based on a simple principle: through
stimulation of the upper epidermis to activate the self-healing powers and the skin's own collagen production. To do this, we inflict targeted micro-injuries on the skin with the finest needles of varying lengths: The desired wound healing processes stimulate intensive collagen- and elastin-forming fibroblast activity, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin increases measurably, and it becomes better moisturized.
NEW: the innovative microneedling with radio frequency
procedure with state-of-the-art GENIUS technology!

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Successfully treating spider veins

Spider veins are small bluish-red veins that can form mostly on the legs. Spider veins develop when small blood vessels, usually veins, become dilated and weakened and can be a precursor to varicose veins. They do not usually cause pain, but can be bothersome for aesthetic reasons. There are several options for treating spider veins.

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Pigment laser: Gentle removal of pigment spots

Pigmentation spots, also known as age spots or sun spots, are common skin changes that occur over time. These irregular, darker areas of skin are often the result of sun exposure and can affect the appearance of the skin. Modern laser medicine has proven to be extremely effective for the removal of pigmentation spots and also in the area of tattoos.

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For regeneration and effective skin tightening - innovative CO2 laser technology in Harvestehude.

The new minimally invasive laser procedure is characterized by a wide range of applications: from wrinkle treatments, severe sun damage, scar tissue to sagging skin areas. Suitable for smoothing fine wrinkles, creases around the mouth and eyes, (acne) scars, reducing pore size, evening out pigmentation, ablating troublesome raised skin lesions, syringomas and xanthelasma.

Firm and radiant skin through laser technology.

Skin cancer prevention: protect your skin and your life

Skin cancer usually develops over many years and is often the result of excessive sun exposure and other risk factors such as skin type, family history and age. Skin cancer can be successfully treated in most cases if detected early. Skin cancer screening is an important treatment to protect your health and your life.

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Venue Fit™

The new Venue Fit ultrasound technology enables detailed visualization of facial structures, which can reduce the risk of complications prior to future injection treatments. Precise determination of existing fillers under the skin is possible, which can be dissolved specifically with Hylase under ultrasound vision.The advantage for the patient and practitioner: the system enables precise injections, provides support during treatment and helps to avoid complications. In addition, the Venue Fit makes it possible to visualize lymph nodes and subcutaneous masses.

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