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Specialized in effective skin renewal – innovative laser technology in Harvestehude

For skin regeneration and tightening

The eCO2 laser is the first multifunctional fractional CO2 laser system that can effectively produce skin renewal in the face as well as in sensitive skin regions such as the neck, décolleté and hands. The new laser technology is characterized by its wide range of applications, from wrinkle treatments, severe sun damage, scar tissue to sagging skin areas. Significant improvements can be seen, felt and felt after just one laser treatment. Because the new eCO2 procedure is minimally invasive, there is no or minimal downtime. Only when larger areas of skin on the face are treated is it recommended to plan for an average of 4-5 days of downtime. The eCO2 laser system is equally applicable to both men and women.

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What treatments is the eCO2 laser suitable for?

  • Skin rejuvenation measures   
  • Wrinkle Treatments
  • Tightening and firming of the skin
  • Acne scars and raised lesions
  • Scar tissue of any kind
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Wart Removal
  • Treatment of stretch marks
  • Treatment of actinic and seborrheic keratoses and rhinophyma

How does an eCO2 laser work?

The innovative technology works with a patented algorithm that delivers each micro-laser beam in such a way that there is a maximum distance between the subsequent beams. This allows the tissue to dissipate as much heat as possible between pulses. For the patient, this means increased safety, fewer postoperative complaints and a faster healing process. The 3 attachment options also provide a choice of three area sizes.  Thanks to their automatic recognition function, the treatment settings are automatically adjusted – from deep to superficial ablation, these functions ensure control over optimal results

Is the treatment painful?

Every person is individual, and so is their perception of pain. For the treatment of smaller areas, an ointment for surface anesthesia is usually sufficient or, if desired, a local anesthetic injection. A special pre-treatment of the skin is not necessary.

How does one look after the treatment?

Depending on the intensity of the treatment, redness and swelling may occur, which will quickly reduce over the next few days. For larger treatment areas on the face, a time-out of an average of 4-5 days should be taken into account to be on the safe side.

We rely on the latest technology.

Lutronic’s eCO2 is the premier fractional and ablative laser capable of delivering a diverse range of rejuvenation treatments. The eCO2 uses patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCTTM), an algorithm that delivers each micro-laser beam in such a way that there is maximum spacing between successive beams, allowing the tissue to dissipate the greatest possible amount of heat between pulses. The advantage for the patient: fewer postoperative complaints, reduced downtime and a faster healing process.
The eCO2 offers three combinable attachments in three spot sizes for quick changing. Thanks to their automatic recognition function, the treatment settings are automatically adjusted and, when combined, guarantee optimal results.

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