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Annika Opitz, MD - Specialist in Dermatology, Allergology

Dear patient! Dear patient! Since 01.06.2023 the team of Dr. Anna Brandenburg strengthens you.
Skin health, skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. As an experienced and dedicated physician, Dr. Annika Opitz uses her extensive medical knowledge and modern treatment methods to solve her patients' skin problems. Dr. Annika Opitz specializes in operative dermatology, allergology, classical dermatology and laser medicine. In the field of operative dermatology, she has extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of skin tumors, scar correction and aesthetic procedures. As a trained allergist, Dr.Annika Opitz is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, such as allergic skin diseases, asthma or hay fever. Her claim: to identify the cause of the allergic reaction and to develop individual therapies to alleviate the symptoms. In the field of classical dermatology, Dr.Annika Opitz uses the latest technologies and therapies to help your patients as quickly as possible with skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. For the effective treatment of scar tissue and pigment disorders, or for the removal of unwanted hair, Dr.Annika Opitz uses minimally invasive laser medicine.
We cordially invite you to get to know Dr.Annika Opitz in the practice of Dr. Anna Brandenburg and look forward to your visit.

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