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Injection Lypolysis (‘Fat-Away’ Injection)

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With the fat-away injection, we can decrease fat deposits by up to a total volume of 200 ml and reduce the need for surgical liposuction in smaller areas. The active ingredient, an active salt of deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile acid that occurs naturally in the body, dissolves cholesterol components in the fat cell membrane with its fat-melting effect. This makes the membrane unstable and the released triglycerides are broken down in the liver. The remaining cell remains are cleared away by scavenger cells (macrophages). Since no active ingredients obtained from soybeans are used, the allergy potential is lower and the method can also be used with soy-allergic people. In this way you lose those unloved pounds in a targeted and comfortable way.

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Which areas of the body is the fat-away injection suitable for?

We can perform this procedure on the inside of the upper arms and thighs with good success. In addition, the fat-away injection can be successfully used against fat deposits around the navel and on the chin.

Is one treatment enough?

This depends on how much volume is to be reduced or how large the fat deposits are. Up to six treatments can be necessary to achieve satisfactory results.

Is the treatment painful?

During the treatment there may be a burning sensation in the treated areas.

What do I have to consider afterwards?

After the injection, the treated area is usually red, swollen, possibly hardened and warm. This can be explained by the onset of the inflammatory process, which, however, subsides after about a week. Bruises can also occur, and may take one to two weeks to heal. For one to two weeks you should only do light sports and avoid the sauna.

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